I. v
1. To provide the money for the necessities for.

When he was twenty-one, his father set him up in the clothing business.

2. To establish; start.

The government has set up many hospitals for veterans of the armed forces.

3. To make ready for use by putting the parts together or into their right place.

The men set up the new printing press.

4. To bring into being; cause.

Ocean tides are set up by the pull between earth and the moon.

5. To claim; pretend.

He set himself up to be a graduate of a medical school, but he was not.

6. To harm someone by entrapment or some other ruse.

Joe was actually innocent of the robbery, but his "trusted friends" set him up, so the police found the gun in his car.

II. n. phr.
(stress on "set") 1. Arrangement, management, circumstances.

Boy, you really have a wonderful setup in your office!

I just can't do my work in such a messy setup!

2. Financial arrangement.

It is a fairly generous setup sending your uncle $1,000 a month.

Словарь американских идиом. — СПб., Изд-во "Лань". . 1997.

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