see\ through

see\ through
1. To understand the real meaning of or reason for; realize the falseness of.

Mother saw through Johnny's excuses not to go to bed on Christmas Eve. She knew he wanted to stay up to see Santa Claus.

The teacher saw through the boy's story of having to help at home.

2. To do (smth) until finished; stay with until the end.

Once Charles started a job, he saw it through till it was finished.

3. To help and encourage (a person) through trouble or difficulty.

Mrs. Miller saw Jane through her sickness.

When Mr. and Mrs. Brown lost their little girl, their friends saw them through with help and sympathy.

His business was about to fail, but his banker saw him through.

4. To be enough for; last.

This money will see us through the week.

Here is a long report to type. Do you have enough paper to see you through?

Compare: tide over

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