penny\ pinching

penny\ pinching
• penny pincher
• penny pinching
See: pinch pennies

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  • penny-pinching — penny pincher ˈpenny ˌpincher noun [countable] someone who does not like to spend money: • Here are some ways that penny pinchers can see the nation s biggest city on a small budget. penny pinching adjective : • discounts aimed at penny pinching… …   Financial and business terms

  • penny-pinching — penny .pinching adj unwilling to spend or give money →↑mean ▪ penny pinching governments >penny pinching n [U] …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • penny-pinching — *stingy, close, closefisted, tight, tight fisted, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, miserly, cheeseparing …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • penny-pinching — 1) N UNCOUNT (disapproval) Penny pinching is the practice of trying to spend as little money as possible. The bridges have not been painted regularly and this penny pinching has exposed them to the corroding effects of salt and water. 2) ADJ… …   English dictionary

  • penny-pinching — UK [ˈpenɪ ˌpɪntʃɪŋ] / US adjective unwilling to spend money Derived words: penny pinching noun uncountable penny pincher noun countable Word forms penny pincher : singular penny pincher plural penny pinchers …   English dictionary

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